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Tis the Season to Relax

Give yourself a break before you have a holiday meltdown.

You need a break!

For the holiday, you’ve probably planned at least one major event planned – a big dinner, a Christmas party, or family gathering. Enjoy your holiday celebrations by putting aside your to do lists and giving yourself a little Me-Time!

The Big Spa Kit

Keep a Spa in your Closet!

Keep your beauty treatments organized, easy to get to, and easy to put away!  With the Organizing Utility Tote Thirty-One makes it easy to keep your home spa supplies out of the way of your everyday routine without making you dig out a dozen different boxes, caddies, and small storage bins!

What to put in your Organizing Utility Tote for the Big Spa?

• Folded Robe On Top with Slippers in the pockets

Side Pocket 1 — Hair clips, ties, bandana, or headband

Side Pocket 2 — Tea Candles & Matches or Lighter

Side Pocket 3Manicure Kit, Toe Spacers, Nail Conditioner/Strengthener, Pedicure Stone

Side Pocket 4 — Beauty mask, Eye creams/supplies

Side Pocekt 5 — CDs of Mood Music

• Inside
–  Littles Carry-All Caddy
Waxing Kit – Applicators, Epilating Strips/roll, Wood Spatula or Spoon,   Wax & Warmer
Mini Organizer
Outer Pockets – Lotions, Essential Oils, & Other bottles
Inside – Herbal Heating Pad/Pack
– Large Lotion, Body Cream, and other Bottles or canisters
– Loofah Sponge or other exfoliating washcloth
– Herbal Hot Pack or Heating Pad


Spa on the Go!

15 minutes to Feel Fantastic!

If you’re travelling over the holidays, pack something to help you unwind – make your own travelspa! Pack a MiniOrganizer with your spa supplies, and find 15 minutes to refresh yourself and get in a great mood for the coming celebrations. Fix yourself a cup of an herbal tea like chamomile or lemongrass, grab a chair you can take into the bathroom (preferably one with a back) and sneak off to a bathroom your 15 minutes. Light a candle and turn off the light to let give your eyes a break from the twinkling tree lights and decorations.  Put your body lotion or cream near/on a radiator or heating vent to warm it. Soak a washcloth with warm water and lay it over your face. Sit down and let yourself just relax in the quiet, dark room. Once the washcloth cools, gently pat your face dry and apply your warmed lotion or cream in slow circles, massaging your face and neck as you rub in the lotion.  Now, put your head down on your folded arms on the vanity, close your eyes, and let go of your holiday stress.

Suggestions to put in your MiniOrganizer for a travelspa

• body lotion or cream
• shower cap
• soft face scrub
• candle & lighter
• bath salts
• herbal tea
• exfoliating scrub
• even a folded robe or hot pad!

Shopping Spa

Decompress During your Day After Christmas Shopping!

After a few hours of deal hunting, mall navigating, and line-waiting, you trudge back to your car weary and ready to just go home!  Be ready for that shopper’s-low with a Thermal Tote! That’s right – they’re not just for taking your lunches in style! When you’re getting ready for your shopping trip, wrap a hand warmer (not activated) in a thin hand towel and put it in your Thermal Tote! Once you park at the store you’ll be shopping in, activate the hand warmer (follow the directions – usually you open an air tight wrapper or flex a metal disk inside it) and wrap it back in the hand towel.  Most hand warmers can keep steady heat for as long as 10 hours!

When you get back to your car, get out your warm hand towel and put it over your face. Sit there for a bit, just letting that warmth soak into your skin! Once you’ve relaxed a little, wrap the (hopefully) still warm hand warmer in the towel and drape it over the back of your neck or wrap it around a sore knee.  Now you’re refreshed for your drive home through holiday traffic!

There’s plenty of room in a Thermal Tote to take several thin-towel-wrapped hand warmers! These are great for kids when they just in the car on cold days!  For toddlers and other children child’s too young for you to be comfortable letting them hold a hand warmer without supervision, you can activate two or three hand warmers and spread them out in a small, folded up fleece blanket inside your Thermal Tote. The silver thermal lining will help the hand warmers keep the blanket toasty warm, and nothing hurries up naptime like a warm blanket on a cold day!

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Thirty-One on the Today Show!

This morning, Friday December 16th, Thirty-One CEO & Founder – Cindy Monroe – was on NBC’s Today show!

Find out why by watching the clip here:

Several SEDs and I were all in the crowd – you can pick us out by looking for the pink Santa hats!








I’m so proud of what Thirty-One has accomplished this year, and I’m glad to be a part of such a caring and giving company!

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Caroling Care Packages!

Go Sing! Give more than just the gift of song! Use these Thirty-One Ideas for great take-a-longs!


Christmas Kindness Care Package

If you like to give gifts to the home your carol to, stock up on the Little Carry-All Caddy! This small tote is the perfect gift bag! Fill it with holiday treats, colorful tissue paper, or just a box of tissues! Try some of these combinations:


Caffeine Caddy
For coffee-lovers and busy neighbors!

Littles Carry-All Caddy in Winter Wonderland

• Teal Tissue Paper

• Several Instant Coffee Singles Packets or a bag of coffee/espresso

• A handful of holiday chocolates



Season Sensation

• Littles Carry-All Caddy in Pin Dots

• Red & Green Tissue Paper

• Candy Canes + Peppermints!

• Tinsel

• A Holiday Potpourri Packet or Seasonal Teas


Winter Goodybag

• Littles Carry-All Caddy in Windsor Argyle

• Box of Hot Cocoa

• Seasonal Mug

• Silver or Gray Tissue Paper

• Wrap with Ribbon or Gift Scarf


Christmas Traditions

Littles Carry-All Caddy in Black Parisian Pop

• Deep or Bright Red Tissue Paper

• An Orange & Apple
• Wrapped Sugar Cookies or Gingerbread Men

• Candy Canes


Adding a Christmas Card signed by your carolers is a nice touch to any caroling gift!

Don’t forget to Take Care of your Carolers!

Cocoa on the Go-Go!
Keep your carolers warm & toasty!

Carry a Thermal Tote full of tightly closed travel cups of cocoa or put a thermos & a supply of Styrofoam cups in the All-In-One Organizer to pour-&-sip as you go! (Take a long a plastic bag to put your used cups in!)

Tea or Cider can also help carolers shake off the shivers!


Caroling Kit
Get your carolers ready with this ingenious little kit!

Little Carry-All Caddy in Windsor Argyle

• Flashlight / headlamp

• Hand warmers

• Caroling book/pages

• Travel Mug/Cup

• Candle with Spatterguard


Candle Caddy!
If you’re going to carry candles for your caroling, consider this creative caddy!

Mini Organizer in Black Parisian Pop

• Spare Candles & Spatter guards (protect those hands!)

• Lighter/matches

• Mini-First Aid Kit & Travel or Kitchen Extinguisher (for emergencies)

About Town Blanket (in case one of your carolers gets a chill!)


Carol with Care!
Be safe and stay warm while you spread holiday cheer!

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Thermal Resolutions! & Fundraising!

Give, Receive, and Look Great Doing it!

January is right around the corner! That means your New Year’s Resolutions are looming ahead!  Why not use the Thermal Tote or Cinch-It-Up Thermal Tote from Thirty-One to help you keep a resolution this year?

Daily Diet Reminder!

Stay on top of your resolutions by giving yourself a daily reminder! 

Instead of taking a brown paper sack with your lunch in it — take a Thermal Tote in one of our eye-catching winter prints!  You can personalize it with a motivating message like “Good Diet!”, “Rock my Diet”, “Get Healthy!”, “Live Longer!”, “Eat Right!”, “Moderation” or your personal inspirations: “For My Kids!”, “For My Heart”, “To Feel Good”, or a goal like “In 8 by 2013”, “1 lb / week”, etc.   For your diet, write a clear statement of your goals – be realistic – and include a bullet list of your reasons. Fold this note and put it in the pocket on the side of your Thermal Tote!

Keep Out Temptation! Every morning, when you pack your lunch, there’s your monogrammed message – reminding you to put back the cookies and add a yogurt or fruit for your afternoon snack.

Keep On Track!  Every day at lunch, take out the note you wrote and add that day’s date to the back to remind yourself that you’re still on track! Write small – you’ve got 365 dates to write down!

Keep Your Perspective! If you do go ‘off diet,’ don’t give into that impulse to give up, put the pint of ice cream back in the freezer, and go back to the note in your tote.  Draw in one tiny frowny face L.  Now look at that tiny face compared to all the dates you’ve put down for keeping on track.  Doesn’t that mistake look tiny and unimportant in the face of all the work you’ve already done?

• Challenge and Reward Yourself! Staying motivated and enthusiastic about your diet is key to staying on your diet, and challenges & rewards can help you feel good about what you’ve accomplished.  Try positive challenges like “Go 1 solid week with no soda or sweet tea!” or “No Take Out in March!” For your rewards, avoid food-related prizes.  Rewarding yourself for a diet accomplishment with a sugary treat is counterproductive. Remember that truly successful diets change your eating habits along with your waistline!  Rewards should make you happy & proud of what you’ve done: “If I meet that challenge, I’ll … go see that movie in the theater, buy myself that purse or book, make the next Saturday a Me-Day,” or something else that you enjoy.

Exercise Escort!
Keep your resolutions close & your tote closer!

Get with your exercise escort – sharing your success can be the difference between a New Year’s Resolution and an all year achievement! Call or text each other reminders and motivation.  If you both keep your gym dates or your workout schedules for a full month, go out to celebrate together!

Be a Gym Buddy!  Make a deal with one of your girlfriends who is getting on the exercise wagon too — agree to keep going to the gym and keep each other coming to the gym.

Workout Dates  If you don’t want to join a gym – go for walks with a friend(escalating into jogging or running if you are both able), have workout dates at each others’ houses once a month,

Take that Class Together  Yoga, Pilates, martial arts, and other physically challenging classes are often available at your local community centers!

Don’t use those side pockets on your gym bag to carry your water to the gym! Hydrating is an important part of any exercise regiment, and Thirty-One’s Cinch-It-Up Thermal Tote is perfect for the job!  Get in the habit of keeping your Cinch-It-Up Thermal Tote handy and stocked with bottles of water, and you can avoid those tempting sugary drinksthat run down your running!

It’s not just for drinks!  Make an ice or gel pack cold pull double duty to keep your drinks cool and be ready for those sore muscles! You gym bag can’t do that!


Helping Others

Community groups, clubs, and organizations are always looking for volunteers, and usually keeping an eye out for new ways to raise money for their programs.  Why not offer to help by coordinating a fundraiser? The Thermal Tote & Cinch-It-Up Thermal Tote make great fundraising products! They’re useful, stylish, and inexpensive (especially in January)!

Your Group Never Participated in a Fundraiser Before
If you have not done product fundraising before, ask your volunteers, church group, or supporters if fundraising by selling a product would be acceptable to them. If you serve youth groups or sports clubs, ask the parents if they are willing for their children fundraise by selling a product. If your potential fundraising sales force is not enthusiastic, your fundraiser will not be successful!

Be Unique!
Schools, church groups, sports clubs, social clubs, bands, and other local groups often sell popcorn, magazines, candles, fruit by the box, cookies, … etc in their fundraisers.  Nothing bogs down a fundraiser like discovering that another group sold the same product just last month!  Selling Thirty-One products – like the Thermal Tote & Cinch-It-Up Thermal Tote – makes your fundraiser stand out!

Offer Quality!
Especially when children or teens are involved in the fundraiser, many of their first orders come from grandparents and other relatives. Who hasn’t bought a popcorn tin or fundraising ornament from the child of a friend or neighbor? All too often, you receive what you ordered and feel that your money would have been better spent as a direct donation rather than adding something else to the back of your closet.  Give your fundraising volunteers the confidence to share the products with people they care about by offering quality and style that they can actually USE! 

An Order Taking Program
Your customers select from the Thirty-One Products offered in a fundraiser flyer; volunteers record the order; all order forms are returned to your consultant; your consultant finalizes the order and ships the products to your fundraiser’s organizer; products are distributed to volunteers who deliver products to the customer. Funds are collected at the time of selection.

•  No Inventory of the Products to Buy & Stock  – No Up Front Costs!

•  No Guesswork on How Much Product to Order

•  Volunteers are each given a flyer to show customers exactly how much of each sale is going to your group!

•  Convenient format allows adults and children to participate in fundraising effort

 No Official Thirty-One Fundraiser

At this time, Thirty-One doesn’t offer a company-wide fundraising program, but individual consultants can have their own fundraising initiatives. Ask your consultant if they offer a fundraising program!

Have Fun
However you choose to use your Thermal Tote or Cinch-It-Up Thermal Tote,  enjoy yourself in 2012!

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Strategies for the Season! (Part Two) Wrapping It Up!

Wrapping Station

Let’s talk about wrapping things up! Wrapping presents takes space, privacy (especially if you’re helping Santa!), and a little preparation. Make your Organizing Utility Tote into a mobile wrapping station!

  • Keep gift bags, tissue paper, ribbon rolls, and large bows in the body of the tote.
  • Keep regular tape and scissors in the mesh pocket on one end & a packing tape dispenser and a box cutter in the other (for those big packages).
  • Use the five exterior pockets to keep up with small bows, tape refills, pens & markers, and peppermints (to keep up your holiday spirit)!
  • Add a clipboard with your Christmas list to check off names as you wrap their gifts and hold your sheets of name tags.

You can put this kit and roll of paper in your trunk when you visit grandparents and do a little emergency wrapping if they need the help!  Or pair the Organizing Utility Tote with the Large Utility Tote & sneak your wrapping supplies from your car to your closet so the kids don’t see Santa’s special wrapping paper & name tags as you bring it inside! Now you’re ready to wrap!

 Wrapping Party

You’re busy. Your friends are busy, and you’ve all got to wrap presents for kids this Christmas without your kids catching you! The Solution? Throw a wrapping party!

Step 1: Set a Date!

Everyone’s going to be busy this month, so plan your wrapping party now! Finding time when all your friends can come might be a challenge, but it’s well worth it to spend some quality time over tape and tissue paper with people you care about!

Step 2: Set up a Distraction!

Plan to rent/stream a new movie with popcorn and snacks, send the kids outside to play (doesn’t work long!), send your significant others out with the kids to a movie, arrange an afternoon with their grandparents, or hire a sitter.  Don’t forget to consider your significant others’ feelings. Wrapping those perfect Santa-gifts — especially for younger children — adds to the excitement of Christmas!  Keep in mind that your wrapping party doesn’t have to be just for the girls!

 (Note: if you and your friends are making separate arrangements, this part can be a little easier to handle.)

Don’t forget to have a Plan B! If you planned on a day in the park, but the day of your party is wet & cold, you need to have alternative ready to keep your party on schedule!

Step 3: Plan To Entertain & Enjoy

Make those basic party decisions:

• Eat: holiday candy, finger food, order a pizza, or an appetizer potluck

 • Drink: punch, sodas, teas, coffee, cocktails, or wine.

 • Music & Entertainment: Christmas Music, It’s a Wonderful Life, or some other Christmas staple for background noise.

 • Remember:  You’ll all be using your hands so avoid sticky or greasy foods.

Also, if someone on one of your gift lists has an allergy to peanuts, don’t serve any as you wrap just to be safe!

As always, consider the health & diets of your friends when creating your menu!

Make a Needs List for Groceries & Supplies.

  • Decoration: This step is pretty simple – you’ve probably already decorated for the holidays!

  • Utilities:  Tape, scissors, gift tags, bows, boxes, packaging tape, pens/markers, etc.  Everyone should bring their own supplies (even you!) but it doesn’t hurt to have extra paper & supplies ready if they need it!

  • Groceries: Ingredients for whatever finger foods or drinks you choose to serve (if any) & holiday candy. Chocolate makes wrapping go faster!

Make Invitations.

• When|Where|Why? You may have called everyone to make the arrangements, but don’t underestimate the power of an invitation (even an e-vite) to help your guests prepare for the party!

Remember to Bring… This is a wrapping party — it’s like a potluck for presents! Remind your guests to bring their wrapping paper (+ their special paper for Santa), tape, scissors, bows, gift tags, boxes, etc.  Also, use this opportunity to remind your guests to bring “extras” if a gift has special needs — requires batteries or they want to include the gift receipt for exchanges. No one wants to spend Christmas afternoon digging through junk drawers or stealing batteries from remote controls to make those new toys work!

Make a To Do List for the Day of the Party.

   • Prep for Appetizers

   • Send the kids on their distraction

   • Set up the wrapping stations

   • Set up the trash station

   • Get out all your gifts

   • Add more To Dos as needed

Step 4: Set up your Wrapping Station

Get the Organizing Utility Tote ready as described at the start of this article.

Make sure you’ll have adequate, sturdy table space for wrapping, and a trash bag just for scraps.

You’ll need a ‘wrapping spot’ for everyone you invite. 3 friends = 3 wrapping spots You don’t want to leave a friend sitting on her hands waiting for room to open up! Card tables will work! (If you need another card table, ask your friends – one of them might be able to bring a spare table with her!)

Plan to Keep Gifts Organized. There’s nothing worse than realizing that you don’t remember what you wrapped in that pretty penguin wrapping paper – let alone who it was for. Avoid this by making a list of Whos & Whats and clearly labeling your gifts before the wrapping begins.  Try using sticky notes to keep gifts separated. Be prepared to help your guests keep their gifts organized! Get different color sticky notes for each guest to help them stay organized & prevent present mix-ups!

Step 5: Disaster Planning!

What happens if the kids come home early?Be ready in case your distraction doesn’t last as long as you’d hoped: keep the gifts in your special ‘from Santa’ paper or your unwrapped gifts in the Large Utility Tote! Should your kids come home, you can easily move the gifts out of sight until you can arrange to use your Plan B distraction! Also, consider having the About Town Blanket on hand — you can easily toss a blanket or throw over a stack of gifts. Yes, your kids will know that there’s something under there, but they won’t know what!

Step 6: Have Fun

Don’t forget that — while this is a wrapping party — it’s also a party and a chance to decompress your holiday stress.  Don’t let a difficult-to-wrap present or one roll of slippery, uncooperative paper upset you. Another bonus of having friends over to wrap is having friends who can help you wrap. If you get stuck and just can’t make that one corner look good, ask for help! And if one of your friends starts getting frustrated with a gift, offer to assist.

Just like packing tape — little holiday spirit can go a long way!

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