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Thirty-One Gifts Coastal Carry-All

3fcdb87344e86be3dd09ef86fc1ae8adTuck those dreams of summer days into Thirty-One Gifts Coastal Carry-All!  The Coastal Carry-All is the perfect way to “carry all” your beach or pool supplies! Now is the time to purchase yours because this beauty is only $34 when you spend $35! Let me, your Thirty-One Consultant, get your order tucked away today!

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Halloween Solutions using Thirty-One Products

Halloween is coming up fast! Don’t just celebrate with candy and costumes — take this opportunity to organize your supplies!

For your decorating, clean out those bulky plastic bins or old cardboard boxes and put your supplies in the Large Utility Tote! To make it even more storage friendly, add a Top-A-Tote! You can easily see what’s in each tote using the clear PVC window at the top with your supplies safely zipped up inside!  These totes are flexible, sturdy, and have convenient handles! Whether you just set out a few fall-themed arrangements and a candy bowl or build a haunted house on your lawn, Thirty-One can really help you clean up the holiday clutter!


Don’t just hand out your candy from a bowl this year! Use a Mini Utility Bin! This neat bag has easy to grip handles on the sides, and can hold lots of candy.  You can also use a few Littles Carry-All Caddys to sort your kids’ candy when they get home. Whether you’re separating it by type (lollipop, chocolate, gum, etc) or per child, these small totes will help keep everything tidy as you inspect their treats! You can also use them to ration out the candy so that no one eats too many sweets in one sitting!


For keeping a flashlight close at hand, get a Wristlet Key Fob. Most small or keychain flashlights have a keying or loop at the back. Just attach the flashlight to the key fob. This a very comfortable way to carry a flashlight while you walk around your neighborhood. You’ll have a light always in reach, but your hands can be free if your little ones need a costume adjustment or just help crossing the street.

To get the most use out of your kids’ costumes, put them in a Super Organizing Tote and fill it with other great pretend props like paper crowns, fake treasure, and other small toys. This tote has a zippered top, five pockets, and two mesh side pockets.  This bag can be a big hit on a chilly fall afternoon and lets them use their imaginations instead of a game console.


Have a safe and fun Halloween with these great solutions using Thirty-One products!

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Make it a Thirty-One Game Night!

With school starting, it’s about to get a little harder for the whole family to spend time together. There will be afterschool practices, booster clubs, and PTA meetings. Use some great Thirty-One products to spend time with your family!

One night a week, turn off the TV and have a family game night! While sometimes you’ll have to reschedule to accommodate recitals or away games or just homework, try to make it a regular, weekly appointment.

For the first few nights, plan ahead and organize what games you’re going to play. This is easier on you – for setting things up – and will make the game nights smoother until you establish them as routine.

Make a Score kit. For games like charades you’ll be on teams. If you want to keep score, write the numbers 1 – 10 on two sets of index cards longways. Punch a hole in the center of the top of each card and string a ribbon through it or slide each card onto a key ring. Now you’ve got a score card for each team. You can put these cards and other supplies for game night (like spare pens and pencils) in a Littles Carry-All Caddy with sets of card games or spare dice.

Keep your supplies together. Board games and puzzles are a great place to start, but they can get boring if you go back to them too often.  Try using an Organizing Utility Tote to keep up with supplies for DIY games. Get a stopwatch or kitchen timer for games like charades, a blindfold and Velcro-dots for impromptu pin the tail on the donkey, blank stickers for “Who am I?” and other props for the other childhood games you loved.  Don’t forget to include little prizes! Things like “get out of 1 chore” coupons or “winner picks the next game” are free and fun to win!

Make a simple dinner. For game night, keep dinner light and simple and have healthy snacks ready for nibbling between turns or games. The Small Rectangle Basket is a great way to carry all the snacking paraphernalia you’ll need from the kitchen to your den or living room. Fill it with a box of crackers, a block of cheese with a knife or slicer, pre-sliced fruit in a sealed box, nuts, pretzels, party mix, and a closed pitcher of water or tea. Cups, napkins, and plates will also fit in the neat basket. As an added bonus, once game night is over, the Small Rectangle Basket works well to clean up the snack supplies and take them back to the kitchen without making more than one trip.

Don’t let a busy schedule get in the way of spending time with your family!

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Don’t End Summer Unprepared!

It’s time to start planning because soon you’ll have to put away Summery things. Odds are your family’s not done with outdoor toys and summer clothes just yet, but that’s why now is the perfect time to get ready! Don’t wait until fall starts to plan for storing your family’s summer stuff. Thirty-One has some great solutions to make storage neat, simple, and effective.

Why worry about hunting a bulky box of summer clothes out of the attic or garage next year when you can just slide a discreet Thirty-One Oversized Storage Organizer under each of your kids’ beds?  Use the Oversized Storage Organizer to keep summer clothes from being lost in the bottoms of closets. You can neatly fit lots of summer clothes in a single organizer, and since it’s only 8” tall, it slides under almost any bed!

You’ve probably got some summer toys to put away, too: outdoor nets, rackets, balls, and swimming accessories. Don’t shove them into a plastic storage bin and hope that nothing makes a hole in your inflatable raft or tube. Smaller inflatables and toys can fit into a Zipper Pouch – like arm floaties, diving sticks, etc. For larger inflatable pool rafts or lounges, the Expand-a-tote Day Extender expands to 20.5”high by 17” wide with 8.5” deep with a zip closure. Be sure that your inflatable pool items are completely dry and deflated before you start folding or rolling them up. Not only are you protecting your pool or beach toys for next year, but your storage space will look much more attractive filled with Thirty-One prints!

Get a Donate Bag.

While you start getting your home organized for the upcoming school year, remember to donate things that you and your family no longer need or want. Try setting up a Large Utility Tote in your laundry room or the garage. Tell your family that it is your “Donation Bag.” When it gets full, transfer the contents to a plastic bag and drop it off at your local donation center.  As your kids get new school clothes, have them clean out anything from last year that doesn’t fit or that they just don’t like to wear.  Don’t forget to check your closet too!

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The Amazing, Adaptable Cosmetic Bag!

One of Thirty-One’s most versatile products is the Cosmetic Bag! This bag is 9.5″ high x 12″ wide x 4″deep with one exterior zipper pocket, an interior zipper pocket, and wipable PVC lining!

Glove Box Organizer

Keep your car documents neat and easy to get to! Use the exterior pocket to hold your most current registration and insurance information. Fill the main compartment with your car’s manual, a tire gauge, a small flashlight, a notepad, and pen. For the interior pocket, consider getting a small car accident kit.  Having your important car documents and a few necessary supplies easy to reach and easy-to-carry saves you from digging through papers and other clutter in a disorganized glove box.

Everything Emergency Kit

Combine your travel First Aid, Emergency Sewing, and Clean-up Kits in this one awesome bag! For easy & quick access, put things you’d need fast access to in the outer pocket – like a stain pen, travel wet wipes, and other emergency cleaning supplies.

Since you’re not likely to need it as often, put your sewing kit supplies in the interior pocket: all you need is a couple of needles, a couple of impartial thread colors, a pair of mini scissors and some sizes of buttons and you’re in business.

Use the main compartment for your first aid kit supplies, and add a Mini Zipper Pouch to the large middle compartment to keep the smaller parts of that kit from slipping to the bottom of the bag.  The Cosmetic Bag is big enough to hold extra sun block, an elastic bandage, and a bug spray right along side your Mini Zipper Pouch full of ointment, band-aids, and creams!

With its comfortable handles, this Everything Emergency Kit is easy to pick up as you head to the car or take it along with you to the park!

Travel Mate

If you’re looking for a small day-tote to carry with you on a walking-tour this summer that can still hold the essentials, then the Cosmetic Bag is just what you need! Keep copies of important travel papers (a black & white copy of the photo page of your passport, phone numbers for your hotel & the embassy or consulate, etc) in the interior pocket. The exterior pocket is ideal for a travel guidebook, maps, and your phone or small digital camera. Keep your receipts neatly out of the way in a Mini Zipper Pouch in the main compartment along with a Wristlet Wallet or Five Pocket Clutch! All of that and you’ve still got room for a bottle of water and space for a few souvenirs!

Quick Trip Diaper Bag

Not taking any long trips? Why not be ready for the short ones? Pack the essentials for baby care in this great bag and get going! Diapers, a changing pad, and wipes easily fit in the main compartment of the Cosmetic Bag with space for a drink and a small toy! Hand sanitizer in the interior pocket along with a stain pen and a couple plastic grocery sacks make it easy to clean you up too!  Use the exterior pocket for snacks or comfort items – like pacifiers or rattles. For long visits or excursions, you might need something bigger – like the Organizing Utility Tote – to keep up with all your baby needs, but for those little errands and fast trips, it’s nice to have something so compact to carry it all in!

Cosmetic Bag

Don’t forget that it’s still a great carry-all for your beauty supplies! Whether you want to keep your everyday makeup in something that travels well, or you just need something that can keep your supplies organized without taking up a lot of vanity space, the Cosmetic Bag is a great beauty organization solution!  Add a Mini Zipper Pouch to keep your brushes all together or separate out your eyeshadow colors from everything else. Remember that the PVC lining will let you wipe-away any residue that trickles out of your powders and pigments!

All in all, the Cosmetic Bag is a fantastic addition to anyone’s organizing resources!

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