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Thirty-One Gifts – The Many Functions of the September Customer SpecialThe Thirty-One Gifts All-Day Organizing Tote (yours for only $15 when you spend $35) is not just any old bag!  There are at least Thirty-One ways to put September’s Customer Special to good use.  This tote is perfect for the Super Shopper, an overnight bag, a hospital bag for the Mommy-to-be, or tailgating bag.  The All-Day Organizing Tote makes a very stylish carry-on, gym bag, picnic bag or party supply bag.  How about that new neighbor?  What a great way to bag their housewarming gift! Going to the Farmers Market?  Take Thirty-One Gifts All-Day Organizing Tote with you!  Call me, your Thirty-one Consultant, to see how you can put your All-Day Organizing Tote to use today!

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