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Thirty-One gifts is the first stop for Spring Break.  Don’t start packing until you have every Thirty-One item that you need.  The first “must have” is the Euro Straw Tote in Coral or Turquoise Stripe.  Every Beach Bunny has to have the perfect beach bag.  You will also need the Inside-Out Bag for those trips to the boardwalk and shopping.  And how about that Easy Breezy Tote?  It’s perfect to catch all the “hold this, Mommy” items and the extra room needed for all the great beach purchase you will make while on Spring Break!  Be sure to use the Thirty-One March Customer Special to your advantage.  All the items mentioned are 50% off when you spend $35!  I am your Thirty-One Consultant so give me a call when you are ready to start packing!

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Thirty-One Gifts – Spring Breakers

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