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Everyone wants to travel in style!  Thirty-One is the place to find it.   No matter where you are going or how you are getting there, October is a great time to update your travel wardrobe.   You know, the wardrobe that CARRIES the cute outfits!  For every $35 you spend in October,  you get 50% off one of seven travel items!  Choose from any of these great styles:
Cosmetic Bag Set
Uptown Jewelry Bag
Uptown Rolling Weekender
City Weekender
Flat Iron Case
Timeless Beauty Bag
Retro Metro Weekender
All these great styles are available in the too-good-too-be-true fall colors and fabrics.  Call now to request a catalog or to find out how  you can earn exclusive Thirty-One products and more half-price items!

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