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tail·gate1 [teyl-geyt] noun, verb, tail·gat·ed, tail·gat·ing,

adjective pertaining to or set up on a tailgate: a tailgate picnic before the football game.

UntitledIt’s Tailgating Time in…well, wherever you are!  I can almost hear the roar of the crowds and feel the chill in the air.  Before you plan the menu or invite your friends and family you have to head to the Tailgating Headquarters…Thirty-One Gifts.  The fall catalog is full of great products to make your tailgating experience the best yet.  Who wouldn’t want to tailgate when they can open their hatch to this?

Thirty-One has now made the Perfect Party Set available to everyone.  The Perfect Party Set is key to the Perfect Tailgate Party!   You can pull out that dip, those wings or your delicious dessert from something you are proud to show up with.  And we can’t forget all the totes and storage options Thirty-One offers.  The Large Utility Tote from the Collegiate Spirit Collection is a tailgating must.  Now with more schools to choose from than ever you won’t have a problem showing your school spirit!   Tailgate with function…tailgate with style…tailgate with S-P-I-R-I-T SPIRIT!

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