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It’s time to start planning because soon you’ll have to put away Summery things. Odds are your family’s not done with outdoor toys and summer clothes just yet, but that’s why now is the perfect time to get ready! Don’t wait until fall starts to plan for storing your family’s summer stuff. Thirty-One has some great solutions to make storage neat, simple, and effective.

Why worry about hunting a bulky box of summer clothes out of the attic or garage next year when you can just slide a discreet Thirty-One Oversized Storage Organizer under each of your kids’ beds?  Use the Oversized Storage Organizer to keep summer clothes from being lost in the bottoms of closets. You can neatly fit lots of summer clothes in a single organizer, and since it’s only 8” tall, it slides under almost any bed!

You’ve probably got some summer toys to put away, too: outdoor nets, rackets, balls, and swimming accessories. Don’t shove them into a plastic storage bin and hope that nothing makes a hole in your inflatable raft or tube. Smaller inflatables and toys can fit into a Zipper Pouch – like arm floaties, diving sticks, etc. For larger inflatable pool rafts or lounges, the Expand-a-tote Day Extender expands to 20.5”high by 17” wide with 8.5” deep with a zip closure. Be sure that your inflatable pool items are completely dry and deflated before you start folding or rolling them up. Not only are you protecting your pool or beach toys for next year, but your storage space will look much more attractive filled with Thirty-One prints!

Get a Donate Bag.

While you start getting your home organized for the upcoming school year, remember to donate things that you and your family no longer need or want. Try setting up a Large Utility Tote in your laundry room or the garage. Tell your family that it is your “Donation Bag.” When it gets full, transfer the contents to a plastic bag and drop it off at your local donation center.  As your kids get new school clothes, have them clean out anything from last year that doesn’t fit or that they just don’t like to wear.  Don’t forget to check your closet too!

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