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Christmas is just around the corner. Are you ready?

Your Christmas Planner!

You’ve got a lot of things to keep up with for Christmas! Wish Lists, Christmas card lists, Get-togethers with guest lists & menus,  Gift Lists, Secret Santas, Grocery Lists, other Shopping Lists, Schedule of Events from school holidays to grandparent visits to church plays to day-after sales, Receipts & Gift Receipts, Stocking Stuffers, Decorations to put up, a Tree to Trim… whew!

Take control of your Christmas chaos! Use the Hang-up Home Organizer from Thirty-One to get your holidays in order!

Here’s how:

 1. Hang Up your Calendar!
There’s a calendar bar to hold your December calendar!

Note all the events for next month that you know right now – use a pencil because dates can change and parties can cancel, but ink lasts forever!

2. Keep your Christmas Card List Up to Date!
Beside your calendar is a clear sleeve large enough for a regular page (8.5×11).

Make a Christmas card list and slide it into the sleeve. As you send cards out, you can easily check them off with a dry erase marker! And if you get a card from someone who hasn’t sent you a card before, you can easily reciprocate and add them to your list for next year!

3. Note cards Get You Ready Now!
Below the calendar and 1st clear sleeve are two note card pockets.

You’ll visit friends, you’ll have people over, and your family will have other commitments this holiday season (church plays, caroling, food drives, secret Santa’s). For every event there will be details you need to know: dates, times, things to bring/buy, car pools, Santa rules, deadlines — so for every event make a note card! Keep them in chronological order and update them as details change.  When it’s time to get ready for that event, you can grab its note card and have everything that’s need-to-know right at your fingertips!

4.Tomorrow Matters!
To the right of the note card pockets is another clear sleeve – this one is for a regular page (8.5×11) turned on its side (landscape). 

Keep a blank sheet of paper in here and use the sleeve’s clear surface to make an agenda for the next day or hang a notebook here for keeping up with your holiday plan!

5.Write it Down!
Beside the landscape clear sleeve are three marker/pen slots. 

Use them for a pencil, a pen, and a dry erase marker. Don’t forget important details because you forgot to write them down!

6. Four Pockets of Possibility!
Below the note card pockets, clear sleeve and pen slots there are four pockets with clear ID slots.

This versatile part of the organizer can be tailored to work with your holiday needs. Fill them with lists, flyers (if you have them), invitations, and your notes! Try one of these category combinations:

Busy Family

Family Events



Shopping List


Gifts / Shopping

Travel Plans

While We’re Gone…

When We Get Back

On the Go

Our Parties

Parties Elsewhere

Other Events

Day-After Sales

These are just suggestions! Use them, mix & match, or makeup your own!

Staying organized through the hectic holidays will help you forget the stress and enjoy celebrating the season with your family and friends!

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