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We all have those problem spaces in our homes — a chaotic pantry, that magazine stack in your living room, the cabinet that you have to crawl in to reach the back. If you’re going to put in the work to organize your home’s trouble spots, why fill them with those plain plastic bins when you can create a coordinated set of organizing products from Thirty-One?

Pantry Progress

Do you avoid putting things on the top shelf because they’re too hard to reach or the bottom shelf because you don’t want to squat down?

Consider using the Collapsible Cube! At just over 1 foot high, wide, and deep, it will fit on most shelves. The cube also has a handle on the side to let you pull it out like a mobile drawer! Fill it with canned goods and slide it on to that bottom shelf or keep light weight dry foods or chips together on the top shelf.

Need something shorter for your shelves? Try the Square Utility Tote! It’s only 9 inches tall, but 12 inches deep and wide.

For foods you tend to serve together, try keeping an All-In-One Organizer in your pantry. Fill it with spaghetti and sauce, dry noodles or stuffing and cream of chicken soup cans, rice and flavor packs, or any foods you like to pair up. You can use the organizer to divide these foods out from the rest of your pantry and make it easier to notice when you’re on your last jar of spaghetti sauce or that you’re getting low on cream of chicken soup. These solutions can work for your kitchen cabinets too!

Need a less cumbersome spice rack that you can put away when you don’t need it, but take outside easily for a fall barbeque or tailgate? Get a Mini Organizer! You can fill its 5 exterior pockets with the spices you use most and fill the 12 inch wide, 4 inch deep interior with the spices you don’t need as often.


Tailored Teenager Treatment

Help your teen (or preteen) organize!

The Cosmetic Bag is a great choice for keeping your girl’s toiletries in order. If she’s a young lady but too young for makeup, it will keep her lotions, deodorant, hair products, and other grooming tools off the bathroom counter and make packing for a slumber party a snap!

If you’ve got a young man, consider getting him the Men’s Essentials Case for his bathroom essentials.

Both products are great for keeping their bathroom organized and help prevent arguments about who used who’s comb or brush!


Extracurricular Activity

Are your kids part of sports teams, clubs, scout groups, or youth groups?

If they’ve been in it a while, then you know that each commitment has its own gear, uniforms, or other accessories that need to be kept together. Take a Short Utility Bin and turn it into an activity box! You can use a Cinch Sac to keep sports gear together and easy to carry. Add a Zipper Pouch to hold Scout Manuals & project information, as well as any smaller accessories for your kids’ group.


Glove Box Make Over

Does your car’s glove compartment look like an overflowing inbox?

Sort all that paper into a Zip-Around Portfolio with Notepad! You can easily fit file folders in it while keeping your registration and other important car information in one of the interior pockets. There’s also a notepad to keep track of maintenance information! You can add a Mini Zipper Pouch if you have other, non-paper goods to keep up with – like a pressure gauge or spare air fresheners.


If you need to Organize it and you want to do it in Style, Thirty-One has the solution for you!

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