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With Thanksgiving only three weeks away, you shouldn’t just be planning menus — you need a holiday strategy!

Going to a family gathering & taking food and/or gifts?

Keep your casserole hot with a Thermal Container!  Thirty-One has two sizes: Small 6″high x 12″wide x 8″deep & Large 11″high x 18″wide x 13″deep. Both have water resistant thermal lining and sturdy handles.  For extra stability, they fit into the small and large rectangle baskets respectively.

Just taking beverages? The Thirty-One Picnic Thermal Tote can hold two 2liters & and ice pack! Or the Organizing Utility Tote can carry four 2 liters and a bag of cups!

If your extended family exchanges gifts after Thanksgivings Day dinner to cut down on Christmas travel, remember that the Large Utility Tote beats most duffle bags in terms of capacity and looks amazing doing it!

And if you’re showing off your children, remember to take along the About Town Blanket! The adventure of a long car ride (even 30 minutes can be an eternity to a toddler) and a huge meal will probably guarantee that your little sweetie is dancing in dreamland before the Macy’s Parade is over, and you’ll want to keep your angel cozy!


Hosting a family gathering at your house?

Don’t drive yourself crazy. Organize your dinner with the Fold-And-Go Organizer with Notepad. Make your decorations list, guest list, grocery list, and tuck your coupons in the interior pocket so that you have it all with you when you go to the store!

Get out your Organizing Utility Tote to keep your decorations and table settings together but out of the way until it’s time to set them out! Is your gathering large enough that you’ll be using paper plates and plastic cups & flatware? Create an attractive utensil station with the Little Carry All Caddy & a Serving Tray Basket with a Basket Liner.

 And you can use these same tips next month for your Christmas gatherings!

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