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PSelling Thirty-Onelease Note – This is my personal experience of selling Thirty-One. Having said that, it is important that you discuss your questions about Thirty-One with your consultant. I provide this information on this site for general purposes. You may direct specific questions to Jenny Hillenburg for clarification.

I was the “original” Thirty-One consultant signed up by Cindy Monroe over ten years ago. Like you and other consultants, I had similar questions about Thirty-One. Once Cindy extended the invitation to join Thirty-One, it took me two weeks to decide. I didn’t have any experience selling anything much less, direct sales.

Once I began selling Thirty-One, my journey began. What a wonderful experience it has been for both my family and me. I have grown as a person and have come out of my turtle shell. My leadership skills have improved and my interpersonal relationship have grown. I am enriched as a person and a mom.

Of course, the financial benefits of owning my own business and selling beautiful products has been a blessing as well. Thirty-One has allowed me to become financially independent and provide for my teenage children in a way that I never thought possible.

It is my personal hope that I can assist other women with achieving some of the things that I have through Thirty-One. Please feel free to contact me for information or guidance.

selling thirty-one